Secrets Unbowelled

Odoardo Fialetti, Anatomy, 1616, in Giulio Casseri, Tabulae Anatomicae, Venice 1627

The title of the Countess’ collection matches ideas of exploration of nature as a hunt. Since the early 16th century natural philosophy has been regularly described as such a venatio. At the end of the century, the concept of disembowelment or evisceration, originating in the context of the hunt, first appears. Continue reading “Secrets Unbowelled”

Drawing the Human Body

Odoardo Fialetti, Frontispiece of Il vero modo et ordine, Venice 1608

The multitude of Venetian works in the collection, and especially on the walls of her later estate suggest that the Countess spent considerable time looking for Venetian paintings. There is evidence that the art dealer and etcher Odoardo Fialetti was constantly at her side. Continue reading “Drawing the Human Body”