Secrets Unbowelled

Odoardo Fialetti, Anatomy, 1616, in Giulio Casseri, Tabulae Anatomicae, Venice 1627

The title of the Countess’ collection matches ideas of exploration of nature as a hunt. Since the early 16th century natural philosophy has been regularly described as such a venatio. At the end of the century, the concept of disembowelment or evisceration, originating in the context of the hunt, first appears. Continue reading “Secrets Unbowelled”

Conveying Cures

Wellcome Western Ms. 213, Liber Comitissae Arundeliae, London, Wellcome Collection

Lady Arundel’s collection of recipes consists primarily of remedies for a wide variety of diseases. The collection goes back to a handwritten book that Aletheia Talbot received as a wedding gift in 1606 from her mother-in-law Anne Dacre Howard, Countess of Arundel, now named Wellcome Western Ms. 213. Continue reading “Conveying Cures”