The Amsterdam Inventory

Abraham Jacobsz. after Jan Symonsz. Pynas, Alchemist, Detail, 1639-41, Etching, 250×205 mm, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum

The inventory of Lady Arundel’s house in Amsterdam, drawn up in 1655, provides information about the furnishings of the building on the Singel, which was subsequently sold for a rather large sum. The furnishings and its sale have been analysed by Dudok van Heel (De Graaf en Gravin van Arundel in Ballingschap in de Nederlanden en in Italië, Maandblad Amstelodamum 1991) From 693 v. follows a list of paintings and valuables owned by Lady Arundel. This list was transcribed over hundred years ago by Mary Cox (Notes on the Collections Formed by Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel and Surrey, KG and The Inventory of the Arundel Collection, The Burlington Magazine 19, 1911).

Arundel v. Stafford, 1658, 684 recto, Kew, National Archives

683 r: Administration the fiveteenth Day of May in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred fifty five

684r: Copia vera
An Inventary of such Goods Chattles mouvables householdstuffe and other furniture or ornaments att p[re]sent found in the dwelling house of her Excellency Alethea late Countesse Dowager of Arundell and Surrey deceased, scittuated upon the Single in this Citty of Amsterdam marche att the requisition and instance, also by written rde. from the

684v: right honourable William Lord Viscount Stafford loving sonne to the as hereafter followeth,

In the uppermost Garrett

In primis a small terrrestriall Globe and frame. About forty Glasses great and small full and empty of Water, Sirup and about thirty potts of severall sorte of Sirups Conserves and preserves

Six Stone earthen Bottles some partly full and some empty

685 r: Two Soacers one greate and one Small One plaster Box or Case with some plasters and seaw=cloth therein
Two Boxes of perfume with lynne Chiere
Three slight ould Tables, Two ould tapestrye Stooles

In the lower Garrett.

A little table used to stand in my Ladyes Chamber. A little ould Drawing Table; Twoe ould Carved Cubbords.

685v: The hanging for a Chamise of guilt Leather consisting in several peeces great & small.

In the Closett Standing the same Garrett

One vason of glasses some partly full and some empty Six potts with severall confeits preserves and other things; A Box with foure potts of Jelly of Pippin

In Sr Ricardo’s Chamber
One feather Bedd one Bedsted

686r: One pillow with a pillow beere
One pillow sattin guilt. Two white Blanketts. Twoe yellow Damaske Cushoens with one Vallance of the Same Sort.
One ould table with a leather Cover.
A Box for paper & Bookes
A frame for a Picture
Twoe ould leatherene chaires.

Three paeres of Tapestrye
An under Bedd peece of guilt Leather

686v: In Mr Lugars Chamber
One ould bedstead
One hanging Cubbord layed in with Ebbony wood One little ould Table
Two guilt leather Chaires

In Mr Greens Chamber One Bed one ould Bedd One bedstead and pillow Twoe Blanketts

One small picture of St. John Baptist with foulding Leaves. One peeces of our Lady Mary witha guilded (_)

687r: One ould Table
Two leather Chaires
Five peeces of Indian hangings

In the by Chamber Where M. Antonia lay

Two ould Truinke with Bookes and papers; one Ould Straw Bedd of my Ladyes.

In the Chamber where my Lady Dyed One shrewed Bedstead

Six turky tapestry Carpetts One paire of Tapestry hangings

One stripped Cubbord Closet one

687v: One Indian Couch Two Indian Chaires
Two ould Matted Chaires One ould Table

One ould Indian Coverlett
Over the same
One jointed Chaire for a Silk body to lye on
One night Table rendred with latten to burne light on.

In the chamber were my Lady’s hearse lay One rich Marble and Agathe
Inlayed table with the Frame thereof

688r: One gould leather hanging Two more guilts blew & white Eighteene peeces of Paynting Of severall Masters rouled

Up together being all of them very large

One large peece of our Saviour One frame without a lesh Twoe ould little Pictures
One high Copper panne

for a furnace

In the side chamber
One leather Bedrase with a white guilt in it.

688v: One Table
Some few potts and Glasses with Conserves & Waters etc. One iron Bedsted in a Case

In the kitchin Chamber One Table
One Stripped Carpett One Turky Carpett Tenne Chaires Covered With Mourning

One Chesboard and Men

In the Glasse Chamber
One blacke ebbony Cabbinett

One Wallnutt tree Cabbinett One ould Cubbord

689r: One mourning and one leatherne Chaire One Case nailed too the
Contente I know not

In Sr. Vittorio’s Chamber One feather Bedd one guilt One Coverlid and boulster Two leatherne Chaires

One Table
One Turky Carpett

In the Chamber over the Dineing Roome One Bedstead
One couch Bedd
One feather Bedd and boulster

One pillow one white Blankett

689v: Twoe grand Blanketts One Table and leather Coverlidd One indian hanginge for the
Bed in three peeces
One Morning Chaire

In the provision Chamber
Some glasses, potts, Boxes, and other Lumber One white earthen Bason
And Ewer

In the linne chest
Found as followeth Fourteene piare of Sheets Good and bad

Ffoure damaske Tableclothes (…)

690r : My Ladies Indian Sigillato Silvered Cupp
One paire of Gloud Stitches

690v: Found in the Stable
One iron Stove or Caskett
One iron fire pott or petard
One Carved Cubbord with Drawers One Marble Cisterne

Twoe morning Sedano and Handstabes

One small Still &ffurnace One pewter rosewater Still One pewter Alembike
One Twinne furnace and pipe For the Candle

One ould brasse boyler & lydd
One ould brasse Ash-kettle
Severall ould brasse Stills & Appurtances

691r: Foure brasse preserving Pannes Small and greate
Severall glasse Stills & retorte Glasse bottles and Glasses with Severall Waters

Severall stone pots, bottles, pannes & A pewter leade of a Stone Morter
A Case with a great stone figurine One wooden bathing Cocole

With iron Hoopes In the Cantoor

Three greate Iron Chests Ffoure ould Cubbords
Foure Alabaster ffigurines Some other wood Lumber and other

691v: other things.

In the little House
A greate round Table
Two greate bayking Kettles One little Coper Kettle Three brasse Stewing pannes

One Jack and twoe Spitts Twoe oul Tables and one Ould Cubbord
One greate Stone Morter And wooden pestell

One fyreing Panne
Twoe Tribotts, one fire Shovell And one p[air]e of Tongs

Two pewter flagons one pewter Salt Sellar

692r: One Coper Ash Kettle Three iron dripping pounds

In the Cellar
One greate Copper Kettle for Distillation
One presse for table Linnen One greate fire Iron

Ffoure pewter chamber pott One herbe presse
One paire of Apothecaries- Skaeles and weights

One paire of Skaeles with A pound weight.


692v: That because my Lords chamber was shutt wee
could not write up or
notifie any thing that

was therein, but left
it undone.
Thus faithfully made And rendered into an Inventary upon this first Day of the Month Aprill Stilo Novo Anno Dom: 1655 by msr John Crosse by the Court of Holland Admitted sworne and Pub.q Notary Dwelling

693 r: in Amsterdam in the presence of M.
William Kermon Servant Of his Hono.rable the Lord Viscount Stafford

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