Hold your Horses

William Marshall after Abraham Bosse, Allegory of Complexion: ‘In Beauty I have share of Rose and Lilly / But I lack Breeding, and my wit is silly’, 1630-40, Etching, 186 x 124 mm, London: British Museum

The chemical instructions in Natura Exenterata are followed by the two rather short Experiments in Baits for Fishes and Experiments in Dying Divers Colors. After the reciped for textile dyes we find a long and detailed section on Experiments in Making Network, Knitting Network, and Knitting as well as on the making of lace.

The Selected Experiments in Breeding of Horses represent an apparent thematic break, especially since they are followed by a long section on the refinement and preservation of fruits, flowers and the production of syrup under the heading Several select Experiments.

This Varia category includes the preparation of diverse cakes, pudding and mustard, almond butter, night creams and various perfumes, three of which are recipes attributed to the Royal Court, followed by instructions for making pomanders and sweet pouders, perfumed powder.

The book closes with an alphabetical index in which the recipes are arranged according to their area of application.

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