Couple Goals @RenSA21

Title slide of my talk this week

This is a meta-post on current events. On April 14 I was part of the panel “Early Modern Women and the Art Market I: Past and Present” at the Annual Conference of the Renaissance Society of America which was held online. The panel gave me the opportunity to talk about a new idea approach which had not originally been part of my research. I only started thinking about “Couple Goals” quite recently. In the case of Lady Arundel especially it is important to consider her immediate context, of course her husband, but also her family, in order to capture her own unique approach and interests.

It was a wonderful opportunity and one of the sponsored sessions of Society for the Study of Early Modern Women & Gender led by Tess Kutasz, a researcher on Christina of Sweden I met way back in 2013 at a summer school of the PALATIUM network in Madrid. I was very much looking forward to the second panel since there was another paper on Lady Arundel by the British art historian Breeze Barrington. I saw lots of famous names in the Zoom participants list, among them Sheila ffolliott of the Attingham Trust.

Preparatory picture after I hit the wall

Right now there are over a hundred blog posts in my pipeline which at the current speed of publication should be online by early 2022. It seems that with Marika Keblusek a very serious scholar is somewhat interested in my talk and I might try and do some more parallel work.

After rebuilding the wall of books behind me multiple times I am definitely ready for serious work now! For my Zoom background I had piled big books on top of an ironing board in the middle of my appartment in order to appropriately block the view of my kitchenette. I hit and rebuild this shaky little wall two and a half times before the panel started. So glad the books are safely back on the shelves again and looking forward to the second part of RSA Virtual 2021 next week.

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